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Irish investors claim EUR 27m from three Estonian businessmen

Estonians and Irish are both about as honest as an Italia-Vietnamise businessman with a Korean surname. Reply to the comment answer
~well well henchmen [23.11.2012, 16:38]
You must be f....ckd in the head!

The Irish built practically all the major civil engineering projects in the empire in the last 200 years, then got starved by a potatoe famine so left for the USA.

Go look at the entire UK electricity distribution network.
ALL built by Irish labourers.

The "catch-all" mud slinging is out of control.

Irish have at least the merit of being hard working, excelling occasionally in sport & folk music, which is more than you can say for Estonia.
~Irish navvies [24.11.2012, 13:46]
Irish build NOTHING. They were poor laborers in New York harbor heavily involved with the mafia. They had NOTHING to do with companies such as Boeing, IBM, General Motors, General Electric and other firms that made America great.
~dormula björgen [24.11.2012, 16:32]
I would be a little less big mouthed about Ireland for the following reason: Ireland has at least two companies in the Fortune Global 500 list. Accenture and CRH.

Estonia has none.
~knut albers [26.11.2012, 17:55]
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Wow i am shocked at the commnet about the Irish, as an Irish man living and Running my own Project Managment company in Tallinn, i would not have expected to see these comments here. this case is one that will contine for some time. Reply to the comment answer
~Leo [25.11.2012, 12:08]
Notice it is the usual suspect making the comments across multiple posts. He's off his meds as usual.
~@Leo [25.11.2012, 16:38]
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BBN, I do not know your guidelines, but are you serious to delete some comments that critizes some commenters, but comments where a whole nation is derogatory described as "nigger" and "scum" you leave online? Reply to the comment answer
~knut albers [26.11.2012, 09:40]
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Actually I know both the Estonians and the Irish involved there - The Irishmen are canny but I can saw very honourable guys, but the Estonians (and that company Metro generally) have a reputation for trickery and double dealing so i'm not surprised they've been caught 'skimming' in some way, defrauding the shareholders - tricking foreigners is a very popular pastime in Estonian business, sadly. Reply to the comment answer
~spudhunter [26.11.2012, 15:18]
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I am suprised my comment was removed, i did not refer to abuse nor anything like the comments above yet the abuse to Irish is left up. please explain. Reply to the comment answer
~Leo [26.11.2012, 15:50]
I checked, it was removed by mistake along with spam messages. I have restored it. Sorry
~Toomas [26.11.2012, 22:13]
Toomas, thank you
~leo [03.12.2012, 14:21]
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I'm Irish and am appalled at the ethnocentric hatred of a whole nation and its people by contributors to the BBN. It seems to show the seething tumultuous forces just below the surface of those in Estonia or those on the periphery with a stake in the geopolitical outcomes of the region. Pretty sad. In a way it is good BBN does not censor such comments so that the public can see the full spectrum of opinion, even the extremists! Reply to the comment answer
~Ken [26.11.2012, 16:23]
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Being an Irish Man living In Estonia i was shocked at the comments. but i would note i would belive that 99% of these comments were not made by Estoina people. i was little surprised to see my comments removed and all i was was. my shock at these comments. but this is deemed as unfit for the BBN. would love to know why. Reply to the comment answer
~Leo [26.11.2012, 16:35]
What your comment stated anyway? I saw only the first line when it disappeared in the early morning hours.
~knut albers [26.11.2012, 17:41]
Knut, i said
"as an irishman living and runnin my own project management company i was surprised at these comments. the Irish are not seen here in this light".

It would seem that this comment was unfit to be shown on BNN, yet the comments above are suitable. i am surprised with BNN and their reason to remove this comment.
~Leo [26.11.2012, 17:45]
Thanks, I agree. Although among business partners it is common sense to look at things objectively and with a healthy level of detachment, I found some of the comments toward foreign entities a little inappropriate too (mildly put) for a website promoting international business as it is negative advertising to a slanderous extent.

Maybe next time a delegation is coming to Estonia we welcome them as "scum?" Or maybe Obama with the headline "Neeger tuleb Tallinnas"?

Honestly, in this country you never know, as some Estonian companies already advertised with picture of Auschwitz and like:

~knut albers [26.11.2012, 18:10]
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But its is sad to see this happen, i have to say i have not found any resistance since i came here, i love this country and like every country it has its faults. But saying that i know from the wording above the comments did not come from an Estonian. We have to look to the fact this website is viewed at international level. i assume Knut you are an Estonian? Reply to the comment answer
~leo [26.11.2012, 18:27]
No. I just live here for quite a while (as you do, I assume).

The comments are not from Estonians, obviously.

Nevertheless, such comments can be seen at regulars' tables sometimes indeed and the link I provided above is from an Estonian company.

They are cynical meant, but in question, scares people away from this country.

It is just block-headed and even if they come from people of other origin (as in the comments here), doesn't really make look things better if this platform is given to them to drag this country in the mud (and some do this permanently here).

I say this because this does not reflect the reality how most of Estonians behave over here.
~knut albers [26.11.2012, 18:38]
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Leo... how can you call yourself Irish when you are British? make your mind up who yu are! http://www.becc.ee/en/galleryofevents/20120529025319/?img=Nordic 221.jpg#gallery_pic Reply to the comment answer
~Paddy [30.11.2012, 14:16]
Sportsman play for different teams that represent different nations all the time.

It's called globalization of sport, a rich affair, where our national interests eventually are turned into actual talents and goals.
~knut albers [30.11.2012, 16:14]
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Well Paddy, as i am a Board member of The British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce, and a proud Irish business man. i know who i am and don’t have issue with my nationality, I also Train the first Irish GAA club to be set u in Estonian and am heavily involved in the Irish Dancing here, so I don’t worry about my nationality, I promote my home country on a daily bases here and also I don’t believe we should all live in the past. I didn’t see many complain in Ireland when we got £7bn from the UK in the Bail out. Please don’t throw stones in glass houses. Reply to the comment answer
~leo [03.12.2012, 14:20]
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Good luck Barnaby C Stueck ,
Negligence of this kind is bad for society as a whole and should not go unpunished.
Let us all hope Estonia is capable of sorting out this mess fairly and equitably , for all concerned. Reply to the comment answer
~bbr391 [19.01.2013, 15:32]
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