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Laar: Estonia is lacking clear vision

Oh this is rich coming from him. How the mighty have fallen. Reply to the comment answer
~quiet librarian [28.01.2013, 17:13]
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I beg to differ.... The leadership of Estonia has a very clear vision. Enlarging their pockets is their clear ambition. Reply to the comment answer
~Hmmm [28.01.2013, 18:04]
Half of the worlds politicians. Only difference is that this dummy was not very good at it. While others made millions in the 90's, this loser barely made a dime. Compare this guy to Ukraine's Tymoshenko and you see what I mean. Putin is of course in total different league when it comes to wealth.
~just like [28.01.2013, 21:20]
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I think his ideas are right-on. Administrative reform (i.e. getting rid of local governments) and addressing the demographic problem are indeed top priorities in my opinion.

I also agree Estonia focuses too much on rankings. Who cares if your country had the lowest debt-to-GDP ratio in the EU, if you still have a number of people living in houses without indoor plumbing or access to hot water?

From the times I've heard him speak, Laar has always come off as a smart guy with a good vision. At this point, I don't think his comments are a political move. His health is in bad shape and it doesn't seem like he really wants to take a larger role in the political scene. Reply to the comment answer
~ameeriklane [28.01.2013, 20:01]
I agree with you 100% but do you remember when you wondered why there is so much new flat construction going on in Estonia? Now you have at least part of the answer why: those poor souls living in houses without indoor plumbing or access to hot water want to live in normal conditions.
~@ameeriklane [28.01.2013, 20:38]
I don't think it's that. The people without indoor plumbing simply can't afford to install a well and do the renovation work on their house to add these necessities. I doubt these people (living in the countryside) have the income to buy a new apartment in the city.

The show on Kanal2, Kodutunne, profiles some of these stories: http://kanal2.ee/vaatasaateid/Kodutunne1

Looks like this week it's a family where in Valga county where both people are disabled, and they don't have hot water or indoor plumbing.
~ameeriklane [29.01.2013, 07:00]
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Really? I have been living here for 14 years and I can tell you that it is it to some degree because I have friends who used to live in such housing who now live in modern flats. They were able to buy when credit was much easier to get, but banks are now loosening up their conditions again these days so I am sure more will do so. Reply to the comment answer
~@ameeriklane [29.01.2013, 12:16]
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10 Countries with Worst Quality Of Life
Monday, 28 May 2012,
6. Estonia:

Estonia holds the 6th position in the list of 10 countries with worst quality of life. This country scored 1.3 for the income, 1.9 for life satisfaction and 6.5 out of 10 for work life balance. It is again the financial crisis which started in 2008 that made huge bloc in the path of Estonia’s dream of improved life qualities.

The earning of an average person is just $13 149 a year. The richest 20 percent population earns five times more than the 20 percent poorest. 61percent of people aged 15 to 64 in Estonia have a paid job and the people work for 1879 hours a year. There is not much difference between in the employed ratio of male and female. 61 percent women and 62 percent men are in paid work.

The life expectancy of people in this country is 76 years when the OECD average is 80 years. In water quality only 70 percent people are satisfied in the country. In total only 60 percent people are happy with the daily life experiences. Reply to the comment answer
~Roger Moore [05.02.2013, 12:05]
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The new vision, the new goal which Mart Laar wants for Estonia is the creation of a network of NATO Academies. See website www.12NATOacademies.net
This is comparable to acquiring NATO membership in 2004, and 2014 is the year for the NATO Academies Network in Estonia. To provide a link between NATO and Estonia from 2014 to 2089. Reply to the comment answer
~John Rim [07.02.2013, 23:35]
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Very good interview, couldn't agree more. Reply to the comment answer
~knut albers [18.02.2013, 13:14]
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