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Media expert: Estonia, a country of scandals

Mr. Rebane, the media expert, appears to have limited itself to the local media and issues. Any democratic country has its scandals and Estonia is no exception nor does it stand out in any particular way. Scandals occur because the politicians are humans and sometimes do crazy things. Media loves to blow a scandal bubble since it sells the newspaper. In a nutshell, Mr. Rebane, we are talking about tempest in a teapot - no reason to make something bigger. Reply to the comment answer
~International Citizen [28.12.2012, 15:43]
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This is old news. We knew it would be a huge failure ever since 1991. EU and NATO membership were just pathetic last attempts to revive a sick man of Europe. Reply to the comment answer
~fran vetel karras [28.12.2012, 17:21]
Propaganda guy proves this point quite nicely. Delusional as ever. Hey propaganda guy, at least in 1991 some of the idiots have the guts to admit that "road for independence would be hard". hahaha yeah hard indeed. Half of the population moved out since 1990's and other half is working in Finland. What a success story.
~frank hair [28.12.2012, 23:12]
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Are you esti=NO's idiot brother or just him under a different name. Links to prove 100% of the population is no longer here, genius. Reply to the comment answer
~@frank hair [29.12.2012, 18:46]
It is about right when you count the birth rate dummy. However new births have not replaced entire the population lost because of emigration.
~dog sport cohren [29.12.2012, 20:05]
You said 'Half of the population moved out since 1990's and other half is working in Finland.' Half and half make 100%, chump, or did you fail maths too? Why are there any people at all (not to mention 1.3 MILLION) if, according to you, ALL of them left?
~@drop-out queen [29.12.2012, 21:30]
Those people who left Estonia do have relatives still there, don't they dummy.
~well technically [30.12.2012, 15:22]
Half (50%) + half (50%) = 100%. What relatives? They are all out of the country too according to you. See, mama was right when she told you not to drop out after 3rd class.
~@drop-out queen [30.12.2012, 22:30]
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Andrus Veerpalu's doping scandal? Is this a national scandal? If this is one of the nine biggest Estonian scandals I think we can be proud of "our" nation. Reply to the comment answer
~ubik [30.12.2012, 11:54]
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Ridiculous article, most of those are not even called 'scandals'in most countries. Just part of the daily political or economic life... nothing to be proud of but I don t think Estonia is a country full of scandals. Of course if you include the neighbours dog barking at night you can have a long list !! Reply to the comment answer
~Gui [30.12.2012, 12:54]
But at least we can agree on that "Estonia is a country", as I almost thought that with ESM in place these days would be numbered.
~knut albers [02.01.2013, 12:19]
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I would say that the real scandals are hidden, estonia is full of corruption and most of intersting stories are hidden Reply to the comment answer
~esti sucks [31.12.2012, 12:03]
Really? Wow, we can say that about ANY country. How about some proof?
~Punters Unite [31.12.2012, 13:52]
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Germany is not better. Or watch "our" EU-Commission. Reply to the comment answer
~scheileke [02.01.2013, 11:22]
Well, the difference between democracies and dictatorships is that we choose the dictators by ourselves.
~knut albers [02.01.2013, 12:15]
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Maybe there are so many scandals in Estonia because there is such a small investigative journalism to be there as a watchdog to prevent politicians from excess of power. Reply to the comment answer
~Big Eye [17.01.2013, 18:05]
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Dear Reader,
Fledgling democracies will often have more problems than Estonia.This of course,makes governance more important at the higher levels.Estonia is doing reasonably well,thus far.
Speaking of the higher echelons ,one hopes that settlement with Metro Baltic Horizons is reached fairly and amicably.Another unmentioned scandal involving stock managers
Gunnar Okk, Kristel Meos and Mart Habakuk.
One feels that these people sometimes feel that they are above the law , a common problem.
Let`s all hope Mr Barnaby C Stueck can prove otherwise and put them firmly back in their place.
Estonia although showing progress has a long way to go.

Happy 2013 good people of Estonia Reply to the comment answer
~bbr391 [19.01.2013, 15:52]
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