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Taskila: where are Estonia and Europe flying to?

Was Taskila not aware of all this he wrote before becoming the CEO of Estonian air?.....interesting opinion indeed.... Reply to the comment answer
~JAMES CAAN [17.09.2012, 14:11]
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Voisi kiinnostaa sinua.
Joppe Reply to the comment answer
~Nina [17.09.2012, 16:07]
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The fact is Estonia is an 'end of the line' destination and will never be a hub and never should be a hub as this concept is extinct unless you have long haul 'premium' passenger traffic to subsidize your European network.
Point to point is the only game in town for airline growth and profitability. Unfortunately for Estonian Air much of this growth should be outside Estonia.
Taskila states the need for Estonia to have 'direct' connections. These 'direct' flights should be via exisiting Estonian Air flights to new Estonian mini hubs chosen from Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. Estonian Air should be naturally 'low cost' and able to compete on 'non stop' routes from these regional hubs to all major destinations.
No successful start up airline in recent times has utilised the hub system Taskila has introduced in Tallinn. Many airlines with similar 'hub' hopes have gone to the wall or been rescued with Govt (taxpayers) money.
Taskila is coming over as a one trick 'hub' pony and his article appears to be a thinly disguised plea to be kept is his highly paid job for as long as possible on the premise of jam at some stage in the future.
Estonian Air will continue to bleed, Taskila will continue to make excuses and Estonia passengers will continue to use point to point low cost carriers wherever possible.
Taskila asks "Where are Estonia and Europe flying to?' Shouldn't it be 'How are the rest of Europe flying?' Reply to the comment answer
~Florida Phil [17.09.2012, 16:21]
Actually there are a number of airlines that use the hub system well, like Emirates (Dubai) and Jet Airways (scissor hub in Brussels). However, their circumstances are different in that the hub method works well on flights where the distance is so long you usually have to make a stopover anyway, like on the "kangaroo route" from London to Sydney.

This doesn't apply to EA, and I agree with you that it's a poor strategy for EA to try to become a European hub. There are already plenty of airlines that do this already, and it's going to be hard to compete with their existing networks.

It sounds to me like Taskila is trying to hedge his bets. He's basically justifying his poor performance by coming up with excuses. Yes, fuel prices have gone up, but they went up for ALL airlines, so they were all affected.
~ameeriklane [17.09.2012, 17:21]
Estonian Air is still doing better than Air Baltic, isn't this the only thing that matters to you eesti patriots.
~well look at it [18.09.2012, 01:14]
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Taskila salary is 33,000 eur MONTHLY. It is understadable that his only strategy is how to keep his position as long as possible, with such amount every additional month is already an achievement.. Reply to the comment answer
~Offensive salary for Estonian workers [17.09.2012, 20:37]
He laughs all the way to the bank.
~egoist balt razi [18.09.2012, 01:11]
I do not understand, how somebody in a state job in Eesti, not in a private company job, be receiving such a high sallary!?
~Jon [08.11.2012, 21:50]
If the salary shows of anything, then that the expectations were set too high.

If Estonian can't get something fixed by themselves, then they typically hire some Finnish or Swedish guys, pay them an astronomic sum and then expect that they get done mission impossible, or they sell the assets alltogether to them.

Taskila's business model was a typical Finnish one, that simply didn't match to the market place in Estonia and therefore could only fail.

Contrary to that, Estonian ex-CEO of Elcoteq's Tallinn plant, Jan Kotka, was not only able to save the Estonian division during banktruptcy proceedings of their head organisation, but also successfully sold the entity to the French.

If one wants to be successful during difficult times, you need one who knows every single breath of the market served and is committed to the business with heart and soul.
~knut albers [09.11.2012, 14:06]
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The Baltic countries are small, yes, so why do the Baltic's believe they all can have a national airline. The Lithuanian went bankrupt and the same would happen in Latvia and Estonia, if the states didn't hold the hand under Air Baltic and Estonia Air. The Baltic countries should swallow their pride and go together and have a shared airline. Reply to the comment answer
~Henrik [18.09.2012, 14:13]
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Who need Estonian Air - Mr Taskila? After ten years to fly with Estonian - we have complete change Air Baltic and Lufthansa or CSA are much better, higher quality a better pricing system and also more customer oriented and more friendly. Reply to the comment answer
~SME [19.09.2012, 15:51]
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Taskila now flying back to Riga or helsinki ? Reply to the comment answer
~JUSTERS [03.11.2012, 12:16]
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