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Opinion: it’s too soon to give power to Social Democrats

Interesting insight. Looking at reports from World Bank etc about the tax burden, I can see that Reform Party has done everything to push them as high as possible. So what's the worst thing that Social Democrats or other left-wingers can do? Reply to the comment answer
~Puzzled [13.02.2013, 15:49]
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The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples' money. Reply to the comment answer
~bluecowboy [13.02.2013, 17:11]
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Is it not always the wrong time for Social Democrats? The usual right-wing opinion...Social Democrats (reference: party family) were responsible for several reforms in bigger European countries like Germany. And after more than 20 years (with 17 years with Reformparty in charge) may be another government has some new ideas. Reformparty can reinvent herself in opposition. Blaming the opposition for things they have not yet done is just exaggeration. Usually new governments follow the path of the predescessor without turning every stone. There will be no socialism, planned economy or whatsoever. There shouldnt be fear of Social Democrats in charge. Alternation in government is part of the concept called democracy. It is a problem that one party beliefs she is the only responsible acting group and the others are blamed as the end of western civilization. And: it is also possible that SDE and RE build a coalition like in 1999-2002 before Kallas formed a coalition with Keskerakond in Tallinn...Estonia still exist... Reply to the comment answer
~Propaganda guy? [13.02.2013, 18:27]
What do you think of a possible coalition between the Social Democrats and IRL?
~Prodigy [14.02.2013, 00:26]
@Prodigy: Why not? Estonian parties are more office-seeking than policy-seeking-parties. Negotiations after elections are sometimes surprising.
~Propaganda guy? [14.02.2013, 08:57]
Yeah, I agree. I wouldn't be surprised if those two parties form the next government.
~Prodigy [14.02.2013, 21:15]
@Prodigy: The coalition of 1999-2002 consist also of IRL (Isamaa). Even the chance is small, it is possible.
~Propaganda guy? [15.02.2013, 10:10]
~Prodigy [15.02.2013, 14:24]
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Of course, You have a left-wing-government. Andrus Ansip and some others of the Reformparty were before in the EKP. And this, I believe is allready leftradical, Ultras.
And the the mere of Tallinn? What´s about him? Reply to the comment answer
~scheileke [20.02.2013, 12:00]
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Beware of wealth distribution. Sweden was competing with US in the early 70:s about who was the wealthiest country in the world. Then came the wealth distribution programs and the country stagnated. We saw ourselves put down the ladder more and more as the years went by. Continue on the Estonian way and beware of entering the Swedish way. Make some wealth distribution to the elderly and really ill/sick and leave it to that. The wealth will come to all with the current way. Reply to the comment answer
~David [26.10.2013, 20:43]
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It is vitally important for Estonia to continue the current right-win politics. There is no instant wins available. If you want to stop the progress of economics and wealth, and increase the unemployment, vote these left-wing parties. That's how Estonia will bypass Finland which is soon in financial crisis. Estonia is attracting more and more foreign entrepreneurs like me to invest in Estonia to create wealth and jobs, and this progress continues unless the people of Estonia stop believing in rational political decision making. Reply to the comment answer
~Jussi Lehto [13.01.2014, 18:40]
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I should had proofread my comment which I wrote in hurry (this forum has no possibility to edit sent messages), but I hope my message was clear: bypass Finland by voting ratitional right-wing politics. Reply to the comment answer
~Jussi Lehto [13.01.2014, 18:42]
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