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airBaltic to charge EUR 10 for physical check-in

This is just a grab for money. If they really cared about saving customers' time, they would have automated check-in kiosks at all airports. It saves customer time, but it also costs Air Baltic to set up and maintain all those kiosks, so that's why they probably aren't doing it. Reply to the comment answer
~ameeriklane [25.01.2013, 15:28]
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Want to go bankrupt. Reply to the comment answer
~do these idiots [25.01.2013, 16:44]
Another reasons not to fly with these incompetent robbing bastards.

They already are bankrupt.

Time to stop the state subsidies and send the euthanasia team like Malev.
~already bankrupt [25.01.2013, 20:58]
Why all these negative comments? The company is trying to improve its services to customers and save time and money, I think that is commendable! Spare us these idiotic comments from incompetent persons who without doubt have no clue whatsoever how to run a business.
~Dumm comments [26.01.2013, 16:26]
"The company is trying to improve its services to customers and save time and money"

You have obviously never flown in your life on "air bollox".
The last thing they would ever dream of is improving customer service!
~more dummer comments [26.01.2013, 18:02]
I have flown AB dozens of times over the past few years on business and never had a problem with them. They are certainly not the best airline I have ever flown, but again I didn't have any problems with any of my flights and at the end of the day that is what really matters. I don't know what you are on about.
~@more dummer comments [26.01.2013, 21:49]
You have flown is your broom in your local ditch near Tartu.
~only thing [27.01.2013, 00:55]
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"I have flown AB dozens of times over the past few years on business and never had a problem with them"

Either you are working for AB or lying, or have never checked out what REAL passengers think of Air Bollox.

AB is the worst of the shit airlines in the EU after Aerosvit, and we all know what happened to them.

Perhaps you should get stranded in Riga for fun one day, then see if you come out with the same crap.

They CERTAINLY don't observe any of the EU commission legislation for passenger service and I am not alone in saying this.

FLY proper airlines and let bucket jobs like AB DIE. It's not even CHEAP. Reply to the comment answer
~Past history [26.01.2013, 23:47]
Everything with You is 'the worst'. That is why no one takes You seriously. You are all hyperbole and bluster
~@@ [27.01.2013, 09:04]
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I am seriously wondering why BBN lets comments like these be published, they certainly do not add anything to the article other than hateful rubbish. In the future, please let us read comments that at least would add some seriousness to the topic. Reply to the comment answer
~@the worst and et al... [27.01.2013, 12:13]
Hey its called freedom of speech, or do you want Soviet Eesti back.
~ape fireman [27.01.2013, 14:26]
These comments all come from the same person who spends all his time whining and complaining on here with his blowhard hyperbole. This person also keeps changing their username on here to make it seem like he's many different people. Every time someone criticizes him he starts whining about "freedom of speech" even though he's not deserving of it.

If you really have a problem with his pointless comments you can write an email to the owners of this site, I'd do it myself but I'm not going to waste anymore time with the guy, perhaps one day many years from now he will tire himself out of writing drivel on here.
~Prodigy [27.01.2013, 16:20]
You are really paranoid propaganda guy. Is the health care really that bad in Eesti holy paradise. I mean I know the life expectancy is 65, but please try to act like a westerner.
~shaggy man [27.01.2013, 16:46]
Thanks for proving my point (and yet again, I'm not even Propaganda guy, but apparently that isn't getting through to you).
~Prodigy [27.01.2013, 17:03]
well, well.
The truth clearly hurts.

I can truly qualify my recent flights with Air Bollox as being the WORST experience of flying I have EVER had in my life.

On top of the incredible disrespect for the customer by being unbelievably late, they made NO EFFORT WHATOEVER to pay EU statutary compensation. FFS we even had to buy our own drinks on the shit taxi ride excuse they called "connecting flights", despite their statutary obligation to do exactly that FOC!

Ever heard of it?
Do you know your rights as a consumer?

Of course not, you have been brought up and brainwashed in these crap ex soviet countries not to have any.

You wanna complain?

You gotta be kidding, despite a letter from CAA to confirm the absolute illegality of Air Bollox behaviour.

So it's simples.

In all the time I took that decisions, I flew ON TIME, comfortably and cheaper.

It doesn't pay to subsidise shit service and Air Bollox is a prime example of what needs to get the bullet (before they crash and burn for good).
~AB is shit [27.01.2013, 17:35]
Aww the Princess is ranting, how cute, have fun blowing off your steam :)
~Prodigy [27.01.2013, 18:00]
Heard of consumer rights?
I thought not.

What happens if you complain in Estonia.
Shrug of shoulders?

It's normal.
Shit happens.
What can we do about it?

Comes from a mentality formed from years of dependence, a deep seated inferiority complex and nothing to do with being European.

That's why you get "prodigy" and all these others defending it, and saying how wonderful life is.
~consumer rights [27.01.2013, 19:47]
....you called?
~Prodigy [27.01.2013, 20:35]
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The Princess (aka esti=NO) is a real chumpeon. By his own admission, he got stopped on the border and given a hard time by the border guards multiple times, got hassled by security and passport control at Tallinn airport, got fined for not wearing a bicycle helmet when out riding, had the 'worst flying experience' of his life with multiple airlines etc. It takes a real 'winner' to find so much trouble no matter where he/she/it goes. Reply to the comment answer
~@Prodigy [27.01.2013, 19:09]
Not sure what a "chumpeon" is, but thanks for playing.

Playing your game is fun.
~Prodigy [27.01.2013, 19:58]
I would be curious to know if this non existent person idea is something you picked up in your lunatic asylum.

Do you have any guns?
Are you another Breivik, or just some ctrl-C right wing fantasist?
Just wondered?

You never seem to post anything relevant to any subject, but spend your time trying to collect weird stuff.

It's about as fetishist as those guys collecting Nazi regalia and remembering their fallen SS comrades.
~A real prodigy [27.01.2013, 20:08]
Now you've just lost me, you clearly seem to think I'm one of or a combination of several different commentators.

It's entertaining viewing your confusion from my side, though. Especially to see your assumptions about me and your ethnocentric views. You're waayyy too ethnocentric to be from the Americas so I take it you must be European.
~Prodigy [27.01.2013, 20:30]
Who is this guy, using my handle. My name on here is Prodigy and he starting using it.
~Prodigy [27.01.2013, 20:33]
~Prodigy (The Real One) [27.01.2013, 20:35]
No, I am the real Prodigy!

~Prodigy [28.01.2013, 01:15]
@ @Prodigy (the first commentator)

Sorry, I thought I was replying to the wrong person.
~Prodigy (The Real One) [28.01.2013, 11:17]
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I have never really understood all this complaining and bitching and moaning about "I have flown hundreds of times with AB and that has been bad, bad, bad"... Come on, you are not forced to fly AB... choose another, more suitable airline to fly with. Reply to the comment answer
~xxx [28.01.2013, 11:38]
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