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Top ideas for making Estonia a better place

I think we should first work on the government framework in order to make this country a better place.

For instance, we got rid of religious indoctrination as a public policy by declaring the secular state, but we never got rid of political indoctrination.

For example, why do we play management human resources electorates every four years at the ballots (which is not binding, whom politician we vote for) and call that a democracy?

Why don't we just let do the recuritment for the government the same way as we do it with all other professions, meaning by qualification, tests, and interviews by an qualified Recruitment department?

And then we would let the people directly vote for the elaborated policies.

Once we achieved this level, we could say that we are finally free - free of indoctrination of any kind, including those of political parties. Reply to the comment answer
~knut albers [10.01.2013, 12:13]
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If these are the top ideas to make the country a better place, I wonder if real humans are living in this country or just economical aparatchicks handling human resources? Reply to the comment answer
~Stunned [10.01.2013, 12:33]
The main tasks of governments are administrative activities, called buerocracy.

There is nothing thrilling on it to many, but if we would have far less political drivel on top of that, then we all would have more time for our hobbies, friends, families e.g. in order to exercise our interests as "real" humans.

Politics is not a (precise) Science (there is a science on politics though), it's an authoritarian culture, a branch of art and made by humans.
~knut albers [10.01.2013, 12:56]
I was expecting things like: "Fix the roads, make healthcare better, teach our children differently, make pensioner's living in dignity, etc." This is nothing about hobbies or so but about a place to live.
~Stunned [10.01.2013, 14:48]
Thing is, you need money for all of this. The money just doesn't pull in endlessly through policy.

Not that I give much to the contents of the article (I think heading towards another housing bubble would be suicidial long term), but you need first to have policies in place that improve the economy, in order to have a raise in tax rate revenues that enables to improve the services offered by the State.
~knut albers [10.01.2013, 15:06]
We implement policies that improve the economy for 21 years now. And with huge success according to government and media. How long will this argument that we need to fix something first being used towards the people? Truth is that 10 percent of the people benefit from this "improvements" the rest is told "we do not have money". The money is there, it just needs to be spend in a different manner.
~Stunned [10.01.2013, 15:21]
Stunning, the thing is that a major crisis came inbetween Estonia and other are still recovering from.

The current political crisis comes also from the current government who is not doing what its name suggests, namely to reform, and hasn't done much for the overall economy recently.

The problem is indeed that money is NOT there. A major part of the economy is run by small and mid-sized businesses and they are often dry, running on loans on top of that, just to keep above waters.

Increasing taxes (has been done for numerous times in the past years) does not help either, the additional taxes pulling in are not as high as the tax increases may suggest.

However, I fully agree that also money is spent on the wrong side.

For instance, we have 229 local municipalities with a population of less than 1.3 million.

My hometown Hamburg in Germany has 1.8 million inhabitants with 105 local districts that would be comparable to Estonia's municipalities and that number seems already big to me.

Of course there is less money left then for other state services, such as pensions if it's just burned down through the buerocratic apparatus.
~knut albers [10.01.2013, 15:58]
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If the top ideas Estonia comes up with for a better furure (helped by Kaubamaja) are state support for pushing up overprices real estate (2) and developing redundant department stores (6), then I don't see how anything can improve in that country. Reply to the comment answer
~Hello??? [10.01.2013, 14:35]
True indeed, they demand what's in their interest. It is called lobbyism or crony cpaitalism (once implemented), another thing to tackle that will not happen as long the State is ruled by "elected" politicians and not by actual positional tasks, that is to govern the services of the state in the first place.
~knut albers [10.01.2013, 15:02]
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Although I am a german citizen and don't know really much about Your country I would agree with at least 7 out of these 10 point schedule at the first reading.
If You can manage to convert/implement these measures and fill them with content and keep track You will be at the top of Europes countrys within 20 years, socially and economically.
That's my opinion.
Good luck.
Jürgen Diekmann Reply to the comment answer
~Jürgen Diekmann [10.01.2013, 15:43]
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Anyone would think this was something new!

1/ Germany already does it.
Germany is one of the largest single investors in RUSSIA. Ever thought of competing with them? duh!

2/ Stupid idea par excellence. A recipe for setting off yet another artificial housing bubble. I wonder who thought of that last? Spain? Ireland anyone?

3/ Has been tried without any success in France for 20 years.

4/ Foreign brains would run a mile if being strong armed into learning a NO FUTURE language like Estonian first.

6/ I thought everyone was trying to attract IKEA to Estonia, not the reverse?

Whoever wants stupid Selver or Maxima in Cardiff when there is already Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons etc?

7/ Ah the theme parks. The kids already have nothing to do, or play computer games in winter all day, so let's pay some idiots to make some more useless parks with EU money?

What are the parks like covered with snow?

8/ Social cohesion paid for by whom, to hammer Estonian language into people in Narva and Kohtla Jarve? Been tried that one.

9/ The smartness factor?
Finding a way to get young people leaving Estonia to get paid 3 x more than elsewhere would be really smart!

10/ "Estonia is a door between Scandinavia and Russia".

Seems like this concept is entirely new as they just spent the last 15 years trying to discourage people in Estonia from learning Russian.

Most Russian people find no trouble learning English. Can't say the same for Ansip. Reply to the comment answer
~idiot alert! [10.01.2013, 16:37]
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You need to fix voting vs representation. This is a big farce in such a small country. If I vote for Mr X at local elections it just pushes Mr Y closer to government. How can you ever get new fresh ideas into Government with the same old idiots at the wheel. Reply to the comment answer
~Mr C [10.01.2013, 20:41]
What about polticial free days from Fridays to Sundays, where Government shuts down completely, where no political campaigns are allowed and maybe it turns out that people can actually manage their lives on their own. Let's call that bill "Spin Free Zone".
~knut albers [11.01.2013, 11:47]
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@idiot alert

As nice as some people find the Russian language - the fact is that if you want to learn a foreign language that is understood in virtually every country - the situation is (good or bad) that English trumps all others Reply to the comment answer
~Piotr [11.01.2013, 04:18]
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About the contents of the article, it is stated there that they would want to "introduce an institute of state treasurer who would replace Finance Minister and be non-political", but why not going further and make all state institutions non-politicial?

Beyond that, the Social Cohesion part sounds nice, but the reason in he first place why Governments are not listening not only to the youth, but virtually to nobody, is because of the fact that most people in Government reject natural rights and personal sovereignty and believe that the exercise of everyone's rights is subject to the will of them. Most people in Government believe that they can write any law and regulate any behavior, not subject to the natural law or the sovereignty of individuals, but subject to what they can get away with for their own natural deeds by apply this to everyone.

Welcome to the free world! Reply to the comment answer
~knut albers [11.01.2013, 12:12]
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The other posters raised a good point -- all these recommendations are economic or business focused, and leave off social issues.

There's a program on Kanal2 called Kodutunne, where they fix up homes of people in Estonia. You can view the episodes here:

In the two episodes I've seen or read about (this week's and December 27th), both families did not have indoor plumbing!

In the December 27th episode, the family was living in a house _provided by the government_ which had no running water, no shower, and the only bathroom was an outhouse in the yard. They interviewed one of the children living there, to ask her what her biggest dream is, and it was to have a hot shower in her house!

So while the government brags they joined the euro, or have the lowest government debt in the EU, they seem to ignore that there are many people in the country who don't even have access to indoor plumbing, which I would consider a basic human need. How can Estonia consider itself a developed country when there are still people living in these conditions?

Summary of this week's episode:

78 year old widowed grandmother, taking care of grandchildren, and has to get water from a well. Reply to the comment answer
~ameeriklane [11.01.2013, 16:36]
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Bipolar Disorder infected Estonians are excellent in implementing and wasting money on stupid ideas which brings more problems to country.
I think every estonian must get a paper from a psychiatric hospital every three months to prove, he is still sane.
Then there can be some hope for this small beautiful country. Reply to the comment answer
~Roger Moore [02.02.2013, 05:47]
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You've really impressed me with that ansewr! Reply to the comment answer
~Serrano [22.02.2013, 08:10]
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