What is RSS and how to use it?

07.09.2009, 00:00

RSS is information exchange standard that enables exchange of news headlines and content on websites.

For normal users the main benefit of RSS is a possibility in a timely and convenient manner to monitor the newsflow without having to go to the website for fresh news.

The RSS newsflow is pulled into one’s computer via a special freeware software, so-called RSS browser that itself regularly checks the website and notifies the user with a sound alert or a special information windows when a new news item has appeared. In addition, RSS browser preserves the whole newsflow that enables us to obtain a good survey of fresh news at the beginning of the workday or at the end of the workday to go over the day’s top news. The features of RSS depend on the specific RSS browser.

The following freeware software is suitable for use with RSS:
ja (Windows)

Integrated RSS browsers are embedded in Internet browsers Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox, Opera. When using these browsers, there is no need to use a special RSS browser.

To active the RSS newsflow all you need to do is to enter a link to the RSS flow in the RSS browser.

The link to RSS of balticbusinessnews.com is:

RSS categories:

Stock exchange news

Estonian news

Foreign news