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Study: a third of residents consider leaving Estonia

how many of that 37% are russian? Reply to the comment answer
~toivo altvalja [18.02.2013, 13:44]
You know how poor Russian areas are in your country. It doesn't make a difference if they live in Pskov, Kingisepp or Narva. All three are third world on European standards.
~very few [18.02.2013, 16:38]
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Most russians that can leave have left already Reply to the comment answer
~Norwegian [18.02.2013, 16:13]
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"650 euros a month net and could be considered relatively wealthy"...really...is that the standard of wealth in Estonia??? Relative to what...some African country??? Reply to the comment answer
~zebber [18.02.2013, 16:18]
Yes and if you don't like it, they tell you to leave.
~contradictions abound [18.02.2013, 18:09]
On top of that, if you do not agree to EU's policies, then you are told by the EU commission advocates to leave to the UK altogether.

Conclusion: The "discussion" culture, from Tallinn to Burseels, is at the same low level already.
~knut albers [18.02.2013, 22:21]
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Since the average Estonian has a personality and imagination about as interesting as a 'box of rocks', many Estonians want to leave to see what it is like, in 'the civilized world' to have a sense of humour without being drunk, to see people with an imagination, hope, a 'live and let live' philosophy and a more interesting and 'normal' life where even a drooling idiot earns 800 Euros per month and has aid/support from the government. What amazes me is that there are more than a few dozen Estonians left in Estonia since they had a chance to leave in 1944 and 1991. What you will have left there are children, the elderly, the disabled, an over abundance of politicians draining the countries taxes, some ''wanna be Mafia types' that need to be in a herd of other losers like themselves, and hard core drunks that have no confidence in themselves to leave. Reply to the comment answer
~Well, [18.02.2013, 21:13]
Of course. They could move to Western Europe to experience their enlightened values such as three-generation families that have not done a day of work in their lives, Islamaphobia, binge drinking, horse meat posing as 100% beef scandals, tax avoidance schemes on a colossal scale that would make even Putin envious etc
~ROFL [19.02.2013, 00:41]
" They could move to Western Europe"

They do.

Every day.
~' [19.02.2013, 01:27]
They move overwhelmingly to Finland and Sweden but nice try.
~@~ [19.02.2013, 08:21]
Hmm. Somebody needs to tell the Finns and Swedes they are not considered "Western Europe".
~--- [26.02.2013, 04:10]
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Do you have the wrong headline on this story?

It seems to me the headline should be:
Nearly two-thirds of Estonia residents intend to stay here Reply to the comment answer
~John Rim [18.02.2013, 22:25]
Don't you mean, the country is so attractive, ONLY 2/3 of Estonians want to stay in Estonia & of those 99% of them are too poor or too old to leave.
~Rimming in Tallinn [19.02.2013, 07:32]
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Your name tells us all we need to know Reply to the comment answer
~@rimming [19.02.2013, 08:21]
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Here's more details on the survey, broken down by age group:

I'd say it's worse than expected. 59% of people in the 20-29 age group want to leave, and 53% in the 15-19 age group. I guess it's the older people who have less interest in leaving, and that's what brought down the overall numbers.

So it looks like around half of the young workforce or future workforce would like to leave. Reply to the comment answer
~ameeriklane [19.02.2013, 13:20]
So that puts paid to the "propaganda" idiots idea that Tallinn is a kool destination.

Somehow all the foreigners that wash up on these shores are just drop-outs and failures from the (richer) country they just left..

I'm so sorry you made me lose my illusions.
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There is also a percentage, however, it might be not so high (majority from which in its turn are women), which leave the country after finding a romantic partner from abroad. Of them do return back those who were not able to assimilate with the new environment and get herself a good job. But the brighter and more intelligent, highly educated women who could not find a dignified partner for life in Estonia do stay abroad. Reply to the comment answer
~fraulein [19.02.2013, 13:51]
You mean gold diggers like Anna Maria Torv. Don't worry. Anu Saagim came back to Eesti. That broad is not a billionaire though, like Torv. Such a fine country with high moral values and decent people.
~egoriz began bond [19.02.2013, 16:18]
Yes, there are and will always be gold diggers also, can´t argue with that, unfortunately. But what I was referring to very specifically in my original comment, was the search for the suitable life partner based on common values, given that this specific woman in search did not need a financial sponsor, because she earns adequately in Estonia. Despite this context isn´t popular on northern latitudes, I was talking a real romance here ;)
~fraulein [21.02.2013, 12:16]
I think there are not so many of females that do "earn adequately in Estonia."

However, I agree that there are many other reasons other than planning to move abroad for having a bad mood in Estonia.
~knut albers [21.02.2013, 19:33]
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These numbers are relatively low for that age group in most low population countries, Estonia is supposed to become the second most productive country in the EU after Luxembourg by 2050, and the five in the world.
This means amazingly high wages and life quality.

Go Estonia! Already on the upper scale of the world and moving up more. (:

I would say a lot would leave from the lack of daylight hours during winter, however. Reply to the comment answer
~Purux [20.02.2013, 15:33]
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The technological innovation and start-ups are the item for international pride in Estonia. They scream out loud how bright are Estonian coding boys. And they are bright, indeed, have nothing to say against. But "non-coding" part of the population has to have their own item of pride to love this country, too. Like, for instance, adequate salary and social benefits, clean and comfortable public transport, high quality roads... Reply to the comment answer
~daylight [21.02.2013, 12:35]
Oh so the miniscule numbers of Estonian coders can somehow say rival the 30 000 strong numbers of multilingual students from a world class faculty like Berkeley in the USA or Moscow state university, or Bejing, or Israel....or.......

Just don't be so damn stupid!
~Estonian coders joke [21.02.2013, 23:15]
Who said rival? There's plenty of business for everyone.
~@ [25.02.2013, 20:38]
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I already left Estonia more than 7 years ago. I sensed that time, this country has no future. No matter what they say and shout.Unless Some Lennart Meri again comes and take this small beautiful country of arrogant and inferiority complexed people to right direction. Reply to the comment answer
~Roger Moore [21.02.2013, 18:34]
You left in 2006. What makes you think you know ANYTHING about what happens here?
~@RM [21.02.2013, 20:54]
Nothing has changed since 2006.

They had this big bubble which they though everyone gets rich and gorges themselves on expanding property prices, then the "foreign investors" left, and the wealth became a blip based on foreign borrowed money, so that Estonian HAD to keep the peg & join the Euro or those bankers in Stockholm would have heart failure.

Nothing is new, no new great leap in imagination or productivity, and Estonian air is just as bankrupt as it ever was, as is the whole political casino based on neptotism and petty corruption

So, yes apart from more young people have left...nothing much has changed since 2006.
~Estonian shit hole [21.02.2013, 23:20]
Proof please of Estonia's bankruptcy or will this be another case of 30000 Estonian asylum seekers in Finland
~@Estonian shit hole [23.02.2013, 20:36]
first provide proof you can actually read?

"Estonian air is just as bankrupt"
~Pigs can fly [25.02.2013, 14:46]
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Physical Presence in Estonia is not required to know what is happening there. Reply to the comment answer
~Roger Moore [23.02.2013, 15:51]
oh yes it is if you want to make accurate comments about most issues. You dont have a clue
~@RM [23.02.2013, 20:32]
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