New owner of Three Sisters goes after a Michelin star

13.01.2010, 14:44

The restaurant of the luxury Three Sisters hotel in Tallinn Old Town is going after its first Michelin star, writes Äripäev.

Hotel owner Johannes Wientjes has set his heart on the thing, says Tõnis Siigur who took over as the chef of the hotel restaurant in January.

"It has always been also my dream," he said, adding that this can be achieved only if all staff works for it, starting from the owner and ending with the cleaning ladies. "Everybody must want this and work for this," he said.

Siigur says that he remains in the kitchen until the last customer has left the restaurant. "This is the only way to get the star."

Hotel manager Sebastian Kraemer said that the restaurant will be refurbished in January. "We will modernize our kitchen, renovate the restaurant and change its concept. The new menu will be ready in February and we will then announce the name for the restaurant."

Before joining Three Sisters, Siigur won three times the Estonian Silver Spoon Award for the best restaurant and in 2007 won the Best Chef Award.