Aivars Lembergs plagued by data leaks

07.09.2010, 15:00

Latvian oligarch Aivars Lembergs, the mayor of Ventspils, in in trouble again over leaked documents showing that he has paid been bribing Lavian politicians for a long time, writes news2biz.

Lembers who despite being under investigation for large-scale money laundering and bribery, is also a candidate for the post of prime minister in the upcoming general elections, is being targeted by a website that previously published bank account statements of him and his family.

The website has now leaked a number of other materials from his criminal case, such as sworn statements and interrogation protocols of his former lawyers and business partners.

It published several document that detail Lembergs' payments to Latvian politicians. It has long been suspected that Lembergs has provided generous "stipends" to a number of Latvian politicians to ensure their support in passing necessary laws and regulations – and the leaked document details the amount of payments and their receivers.

I did it

The identity of the leaker has also been revealed: as previously suspected, it indeed is the investigative journalist Lato Lapsa. Since the police have already started a criminal investigation concerning the leak, Lapsa has claimed full responsibility for the site.

The police have already questioned Lapsa as to how exactly he obtained the leaked documents. Incidentally, the whole affair has highlighted a rather unpleasant characteristic in the contemporary Latvian society: its astonishing tolerance for corruption.

Unpleasant revelations

Even though the leaked data strongly suggests that the criminal charges against Lembergs are indeed well-founded, the latest polls – conducted after the leak – show that he still is the most popular candidate for the post of Prime Minister, with 35.1% of the Latvian citizens supporting him.

This all reflects widespread popular view that Lembergs, as all politicians, is a thief, but the important thing is that he shares what he has stolen.