Tallinn Airport: announcements on new flghts coming soon

27.10.2010, 11:08

Rein Loik, chairman of Tallinn Airport, says air traffic in Estonia was clearly becoming more active and promises that there will be more airlines announcing flights to and from Tallinn soon, writes ERR.

Speaking at today's morning show on ETV, Loik said that recent announcements by Ryanair, EasyJet and Blue1 on flying to Tallinn were only a start.

He added that there will be definitely more flights announced by airlines next year. "I am happy to say that we are in a phase of negotiations where airlines start to announce new flights. It is possible that there will be new carriers announcing already in this calendar year, but there will be definitely new flights announced next year," he said.

Loik added that Estonia's problem was that global airlines are normally not interested in flying to markets that have less than 10 million people. The problem is that unlike domestic carriers, large airlines could stop flying from and to Tallinn at any time, but Estonian Air will continue operating here."

"Tallinn Airport could also be a stopover for long-haul flights. To have a transport hub you need a domestic airline like Finnair in Helsinki and Estonian Air in Tallinn. The Estonian state should support not only the development of Estonian Air, but also attract other airlines into Tallinn. This would be the best outcome," said Loik.