Mikser: I would be a better prime minister than Ansip

27.01.2011, 13:07

“I understand better (than Andrus Ansip) what is wrong in Estonia and, if confronted with a painful question, I will not look for statistics showing that Estonia is third in EU in something. I am ready to believe that we have things that are not as well as they should be.” This is the view of Sven Mikser, the new chairman of Social Democrats.

Mikser says in his interview to Eest Ekspress that his party has a good chance to form a two-party coalition with Ansip’s Reform Party since IRL has become too populist and too inconvenient for the Reformers.

However, he admits it will not be easy decision to make for the Reform Party since Social Democrats would like to introduce progressive income tax by taxing income up to 1,000 euros at 21% and everything above at 26%, reduce the maximum parental benefit level by 33%, increase monthly child allowances from 19 euros to 60 euros, reduce VAT on food from 20% to 5% and introduce 10% corporate income tax.