Court sentences businessman into prison in record time

24.10.2011, 10:01

Tallinn Administrative Court has sentenced Indrek Vürst who was accused of masterminding a VAT fraud in the total amount of 80,000 euros for three months in prison, writes Äripäev.

This is one of the VAT fraud cases where a sentence was handed down in only 48 hours instead of lingering in courts for years. The court found that Vürst had a significant role in the VAT fraud case.

Terje Leng from the tax and customs board said in comment that a prison sentence is an unusual punishment in tax crimes because in most cases the guilty get a fine or a conditional sentence.

The court found that Vürst had participated in a scheme where a company was incorporated, buys fuel from the Estonian excise duty warehouse at zero percent VAT, sells it while adding VAT and then terminates its existence or is sold.

According to the prosecutor, FuelPRO, the company of Vürst, committed the VAT fraud in just one month.