Estonians want to make 300 million people collect garbage

25.02.2011, 09:42

After his successful Let’s Do it campaign in Estonia, Rainer Nõlvak has come up with a plan to organize similar campaign globally for cleaning the world from more than 100 million tons of illegal garbage, writes Eesti Päevaleht daily.

Organizers of the campaign called Let’s Do it World 2012 estimate that in order to be successful, about 300 million people need to participate in it.

Our role is to inspire and bring people together, says Nõlvak modestly and adds that they proceed country by country.

In addition to Estonia, similar campaigns were held last year in Latvia (310,000 participants), Lithuania (270,000), Slovenia (270,000 people), Serbia (200,000), Romania (200,000), Portugal (100,000), India (50,000) and Ukraine (1,680).

The campaign website is and it has a fan page in Facebook.
Organizers say they need 1.1 million euros to make it happen and are now looking for five international partners. The Estonian government has allocated a grant of 64,000 euros and other supporters are also Estonian Air, EMT and ministry of foreign affairs.