Businessman: Estonia has become a Swedish colony!

31.03.2011, 09:21

A prominent Estonian businessman who prefers to remain anonymous says that the ruling coalition is strengthening Estonia’s position as a colony of Sweden, writes Eesti Ekspress weekly.

He says that the latest sign of Swedish rule in Estonia is the promise of the coalition of Reform Party and IRL to keep zero-rate income tax on reinvested profits.

“This is benefiting the Swedes,” says the businessman, adding that Estonia has become a subcontracting heaven for Swedish companies such as Ericsson.

“But at the same time Swedish banks that own the Estonian economy are not granting loans to Estonian companies. Estonia is no longer a free country, it is a Swedish colony”.

According to him, Swedes have understood that it is cheaper to transfer subcontracting jobs into countries like Estonia and make sure that Swedish companies can take out profits without paying income tax.