Consumers facing a higher power bill

31.03.2011, 15:04

Electricity bills of consumers may soon go up by about six percent if authorities approve a tariff raise application of Eesti Energia's distribution grid operator Jaotusvõrk, writes Äripäev.

Jaotusvõrk has asked an extra 0.39 cents per kWh to be paid by consumers saying that it needs to invest 300 million euros in renovating the power grid from 2011-2014.

Raising tariffs may be easier said than done, however, since Jaotusvõrk also sought to raise its network service fees for 18% last year, but failed to receive an approval of authorities.

The last year’s attempted tariff raise caused Estonian prime minister Andrus Ansip to react with indignation in public, calling the request completely ridiculous.