Latvian data protection agency suspends electronic tax return service

07.03.2011, 10:28

Latvian data protection inspectorate has temporarily suspended the State Revenue Service's Electronic Declaration System (EDS), as EDS users who happen to know another person's identity number can find out that person's name, surname, address and other personal data via the EDS, reports The Baltic Course.

The EDS will be unavailable until the Revenue Service makes sure that EDS users cannot access third persons' data.

It appears that the fault in the EDS has been there for at least one year.

EDS users who fill out annual income declarations are also offered to provide information about their family members when they fill in the declaration's section on education and medical treatment costs. After the person enters the identity number of a family member, the other fields, such as the person's name, surname, legal address and others, are automatically filled out by the system. It appears that these data come from the Register of Residents.