Finn: wage expectations of Estonian doctors sometimes unrealistic

13.04.2011, 16:59

The problem with Estonian medical doctors is that some of them want to earn to much in Finland that is simply unrealistic, says Petri Oskari Puumalainen, CEO of Puumedi that recruits Estonian medical staff for Finland.
Puumalainen says that while Finnish doctors working in Helsinki receive EUR 19 an hour, some Estonians who have never worked in Finland have been demanding twice of that.
In average, doctors mediated from Estonia to Finland earn in average between 5,000 and 11,000 euros a month. The highest monthly wage of a special doctor hired from Estonia has been 20,000 euros a month.
At the same time the number of Estonian doctors moving to Finland for work has fallen notably this year. This is why Puumedi has this year mediated 11 Estonian and 9 Latvian doctors to Finland. Unlike Estonians, Latvians have a language barrier and need 2 to 2.5 years to learn the Finnish language. Äripäev