Opinion: Savisaar should run as presidential candidate

27.05.2011, 10:59

Argo Ideon, an editor of Postimees, writes that the best scenario in the presidential election campaign would be for Centre Party chairman Edgar Savisaar to challenge Toomas Hendrik Ilves for the post.

This would strengthen the party’s image on the political landscape and create a possibility for an all-out debate with the incumbent president.

“The two are on dramatically different positions with regard to the situation in the Estonian society and future ways,” said Ideon, adding that Savisaar’s candidacy would clear the air.

“Although it is almost certain that Ilves gets re-elected in the parliament on August 29, there would be a real debate,” said Ideon.

Three parliamentary parties - Social Democrats, Reform Party and, last weekend, IRL - are supporting the re-election of Ilves, with only Centre Party likely to oppose.