New taxi service regulation creates confusion

27.06.2011, 12:27

The new regulation on taxi service that will take effect next week and imposes new strict requirements on taxis in Tallinn is raising more questions than answering them.

No-one knows how many of the city’s 1,500 taxis are able to comply with such new requirements as having at least 400 litres of trunk space, functioning ABS brakes, front airbags and air condition.

The list of regulations stipulates that every taxi is clearly marked with a "Takso" sign on its roof, carries a price list on its window and that its meter is connected to a printer that can produce a receipt.

According to the city, one of the reasons for issuing new regulations was the need to push small vehicles, where passengers were forced to ride with their baggage in their lap, out of the market. "This will get rid of all sorts of Toyota Yarises driving around the town," explained deputy mayor Jaanus Mutli at the time of passing the new regulation in 2009.