Stubb: improving relations with Russia is no easy task

23.08.2011, 11:22

Finnish minister of foreign affairs Alexander Stubb who was in Tallinn yesterday said that he has no easy solutions on how Estonia could improve its relations with Russia.

Stubb said that it was nonsense to think that Finland and Estonia had a different approach in the relationship with Russia since everybody understands that some issues are more complex than others.

Stubb emphasised that having good relations with Russia was in everybody’s interest and said that the only advice he can give to Estonians is to keep doing what they have done.

Speaking of Russia’s importance to Finland, Stubb said that Russia is Finland’s largest trade partner, with 10 million border crossings a year, 600 Finnish companies operating in Russia, Russia accounts for 20% of Finnish imports and 10% of exports.

Speaking at a joint press conference, Estonian minister of foreign affairs Urmas Paet added that both Finland and Estonia supported Russia’s entry to WTO as soon as possible as it would give businessmen more confidence.