Ansip: linking me to the Soviet military intelligence is nonsense

30.08.2011, 16:43

Reform Party chairman and PM Andrus Ansip said yesterday that Indrek Tarand’s claim that Ansip fulfilled military intelligence duties in the Soviet army was nonsense.

“What Tarand said was a total nonsense. Military intelligence had nothing to do with the plant of construction elements, piles of gravel, scrap metal and concrete blocks,” said Ansip commenting on Tarand’s claims that he made during the televised presidential campaign.

According to Tarand, Ansip was deputy commander in political affairs of the Tallinn construction battalion, adding: “These positions belonged to the military intelligence. This was a very prominent job in the Soviet army system”.

Ansip said that only Tarand himself can say why he made such accusations during a televised debate. “Perhaps the reason is that he himself has never said what he did in the Soviet military except that he served in Gachina in Leningrad oblast. I don’t know exactly which troops were stations there, but informed sources have told me that it was a special KGB unit,” said Ansip.