Persons threatening to launch cyber attacks under the name of Anonymous identified

12.10.2012, 18:44

The persons who made online threats to organise cyber attacks against Estonian servers under the name of computer hackers' group Anonymous have been identified, announced Estonian national security agency KAPO.

They persons in question were identified by KAPO in cooperation with State Information Systems Authority, juvenile police of the East police prefecture and criminal police.

The group includes underaged Estonian citizens. No criminal proceedings have been brought against them yet as it depends on certain additional circumstances, including the degree of damage that their actions have caused, said KAPO.

Juvenile police says that parents should show more interest in what their underaged children are doing on the web and should explain to children possible consequences of such irrational activities. In accordance with the penal code, the age for criminal liability is 14. If the offence has caused material damages, such as damages to commercial enterprises, the conviction is most likely to include a compensation obligation.