Estonia is EU’s most unpopular destination for asylum seekers

25.10.2012, 11:35

Of all EU member states, Estonia is the least popular destination among asylum seekers, shows the latest Eurostat report.
In the second quarter, asylum seekers from non-EU countries submitted a total of 67,120 applications in EU member states.

While France got 13,750 applications, followed by Germany (12,800), Sweden (8,790), Belgium (6,760) and UK (6,415), Estonia received just 40 applications.

Slovenia received 55 applications, Latvia got 60, Portugal 80, Lithuania 185 while Finland had 650 applications from asylum seekers.

Afghans filed 5,960 applications, followed by Pakistanis (4,350) and Russians (4,225).

In 2011, EU member states received a total of 301,000 applications from asylum seekers.

Estonia received 85 applications last year, again the lowest amount in EU. Portugal got 275, Latvia got 340, Slovenia received 360, Slovakia 490 and Lithuania 535 applications.