Number of passengers on Tallinn-Moscow route doubled in a year

29.10.2012, 13:57

Tallinn Airport announced that there were 52,000 passegners in the Tallinn-Moscow route last year which is more than double the 2010 figure, reports ERR.

In the first nine months, 78,000 passengers have already been on the route or more than during the whole 2011.

On Sunday, Russian airline Aeroflot re-reopened the route after a hiatus of 16 years. The airline will be flying between the two capitals an Airbus 319 seven times a week.

Erik Sakkov, board member of Tallinn Airport, said that the airport had worked for years to attract Aeroflot back to Tallinn.

„All signs show that Russian people have discovered Estonia as a tourist destination. Teh arrival of Aeroflot with its huge sales network means that there will be a totally new market volume.”
Sakkov added that the airport was hoping to have a similar success with its St. Petersburg line.

Tallinn Airport has said that in the winter the number of flights arriving in Tallinn will be a third bigger than a year earlier.

As last year, there will be 13 airlines flying to Tallinn in the winter to 30 destinations which is one more than last year.

On the downside, Ryanair has announced that it will stop flying from Tallinn to Frankfurt, Girona and Stockholm in the winter.

Estonian Air has said that it will stop for the winter flights to Riga, Kajaani, London, Hannover and Tbilisi. However, in March the airline will fly to London City Airport and in February will open a Gothenburg line.

Easyjet as announced that in the winter it will change its London airport from Stansted to Gatwick and increase the number of weekly flights from three to four.