Paper: Estonians re-selling tires thrown away by Finns

01.11.2012, 09:42

Many used tires that are being sold in Estonia are actually tires that Finns have thrown away, according to Estonian daily newspaper Õhtuleht.

The paper quoted a Finnish mechanic who works at a garage who said that he often sees Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, but also Poles going through the container of used tires behind the garage because most of the tires there can still be used for a season or two.

The mechanic said that it was customary for Finns to drive a few seasons with new tires and then change all four.

This means that tires that have not been under the driving axle are fully usable.

Priit Muru, CEO of Kummi-Ott, Estonian retailer of used tires, says that he is familiar with the case.

Muru admits that he himself been going through the discarded tires and says that Finns find such behaviour repulsive.

He adds that in some cases Finns pierced the discarded tires to make them unusable.

According to Muru, many used tire sellers in Estonia lie to their customers that they get used tires from Norway and that they have been used for a few months. The truth is that most of the used tries arrive from Finland or Sweden and have been notably more used