Rosimannus family faces a 500,000 euro lawsuit

27.11.2012, 10:49

Today’s Äripäev writes that the creditors of the bankrupt transport company Autorollo are preparing to file a lawsuit claiming half a million euros from Minister of

Environmental Affairs Keit Pentus-Rosimannus, her husband Rain Rosimannus and their lawyer Siim Roode.

In addition to Rosimannus, also law firm MAQS is facing a lawsuit.

According to the claim, shortly before it went bankrupt, Keit Pentus-Rosimannus and his husband secretly acquired control over the company, siphoned off assets and damaged the interests of creditors.

Olavi-Jüri Luik, attorney at law of LEXTAL, said that claim is based on the legal analysis made by the law firm.

Autorollo, a truck rental, was founded by Autohills Ltd with the non-financial contribution of four trailer trucks and nine trailers at a total value of 104,000 euros. In 2011, most of assets of Autohills were sold for 86,400 euros. Despite of the sale, the company ended 2011 with a loss.
In 2008, Autorollo borrowed 9 million euros from Swedbank, with the guarantee of Kredex. In December 2010 the company was declared bankrupt on the request of Swedbank. The Swedbank claim was acquired by Krediidikorraldus and the Kredex claim belongs to Port One.
Among others, in August 2010, the company lent two million kroons in cash to Roman Moisseev, a citizen of Russia. One million kroons were also lent to a company that at present is in liquidation. The latter loan contract seems to be fabricated. “The fact is that at the time when the loans were allegedly made, Autorollo did not have such amounts of cash. It all indicates that the contracts were forged,” claims the lawyer representing the creditors.

Roode, Rosimannus: this claim is not serious
Attorney at law Siim Roode said that he had nothing to add. He said that since there was no claim filed, he has no comment.
Keit Pentus-Rosimannus said that Autorollo formerly belonged to his father and the company was sold in 2010.
“I have no connections with this company,” she added.
Also Rain Rosimannus said that it was the first time he has heard about the claim. “It sounds like another political smear campaign,” he said.
Creditor: no political interests
The largest creditor against Autorollo is Krediidikorraldus OÜ whose shareholder and CEO Ingmar Pärn is also chairman of the bankruptcy committee.
Pärn says that the claim application is detailed and there is a large amount of evidence.
“As representative of Port One I have been investigating the debts of Autorollo for two years. There are no political interests, the bankruptcy committee simply did its job,” he added and promised to file the claim in court this week.

Väino Pentus: this is all my fault
Väino Pentus, father of Keit Pentus-Rosimannus, says that his company went bankrupt because of tough times.
“It was all my fault, I tried to save the company to the last moment. No assets were siphoned out of the company and my daughter or my son-in-law were not involved in its management,” he added.