Speculations on Ansip’s succession grow

28.02.2012, 10:26

Speculations are growing who could succeed Reform Party chairman Andrus Ansip, especially after his statement made last week that he was not going to seek another term as prime minister, writes Eesti Päevaleht.

Although Ansip himself is downplaying the speculations, saying that the current government has three more years, it is clear that the party is already looking towards the next general elections to be held in the spring 2015.

According to analysts, however, Ansip is unlikely to step down as head of Reform Party in 2013 since the party does not want to create parallel power structures and is determined that the party’s chairman must also be the prime minister.

Also Ansip himself has said that he is ready to continue as head of government until the next general elections.

This means that the most likely time when Ansip could give up chairmanship to his successor is end of 2014 that leaves sufficient time for the new chairman to prove that he or she has leadership and prime ministerial qualities.

There are three scenarios for choosing a successor for Ansip. According to the first but most unlikely scenario, Ansip could be replaced in 2013 when the party’s general assembly meets in May to elect the new board and extend the chairman’s powers.