"Parbus, Sepp are Estonia’s Khodorkovskis"

04.04.2012, 14:54

Centre Party chairman Edgar Savisaar is speaking out in support of Ivo Parbus and Elmar Sepp, the former city officials convicted of bribery.

In an interview to Delfi, Savisaar said: “It is telling how Estonian political elite is calling for the release of Khodorkovski who has been jailed in a Russian prison, but is just as corrupt.

They are responsible for ruining the businessman who are supporting the opposition.

Toomas Annus was charged for supporting People’s Union and Centre Party. People’s Union has now been destroyed and attempts are being made to do the same to Centre Party. Are Social Democrats the next?

Elmar Sepp was jailed in the court room by the first-instance court and before he could appeal.

His mortal sin was to find supporters for the Centre Party. To block it, people employed by the Estonian state have been given full powers, a license to kill.

At the same time Tamur Tsäkko from IRL is resigning on his own wish and the prosecutor’s office cannot come up with a resolution for more than a year.

Andres Jaadla from the Reform Party is continuing as mayor of Rakvere.

President Ilves is involved in an apartment scandal and the state has been fattening his private company, but he is still the president.”