Newspaper lists key activities that are making tax authority suspicious

06.06.2012, 09:25

Äripäev writes that there are certain company activities or decisions that are likely to raise the interest of the tax authority.

An analysis of the operating principles of the tax authority shows that the system  is working like a computer program.

Of course, if companies submit their tax reports in time and pay the tax by due date, they can be fairly certain that they will escape any major scrutiny.

However, this may not apply if the company is operating in the wholesale trade, construction, service, catering and fuel sector because, according to the tax authority, these are the areas where unreported income, ie cash, is the biggest, and has decided to take it under major scrutiny this year.

One source said that although his company paid duly taxes, it found itself target of a tax audit after it had hired a person who happened to be a relative to a tax auditor and developed a labour dispute with him.