Ryanair to cut flights to Finland, fate of Tallinn routes unknown

15.08.2012, 13:59

The Irish budget airline Ryanair will cut half of its flights to Finland in the next winter season, reported Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE).

Lauri Linnamäe, representative of Tallinn Airport, said in comment that the airport had not yet received any information about the winter timetable of Ryanair because the airline has not yet submitted it.

However, he said that some customers have said that Ryanair's booking system does not allow them to book for the winter for certain flights that exist today.

As for FInland, the airline has decided to give up the route to Turku completely this winter, while also reducing the number of flights to and from Tampere and Lappeenranta.     

The carrier has explained that Turku will be abandoned for the winter as it is a new destination, reports Anne-Marget Niemi, Managing Director of Turku Touring, in an interview with Turun Sanomat.

Ryanair started its flights between Turku and four European destinations, including London Stansted, at the end of March this year.

YLE reports further that the number of cheap flights to Tampere will be cut by more than half this winter.

According to the airline, flights between Lappeenranta and Germany have also become seasonal, peaking in the summer, which is why Düsseldorf Weeze will become a summer destination.

Ryanair is cutting its services in the winter for the second time.

Turun Sanomat notes that Ryanair has decided to ground around 80 aircraft in its fleet in various parts of Europe during the winter.

According to the airline, the reductions are attributable to expensive fuel as well as the low occupancy rates for the aircraft.