Russian blogger applies for political asylum in Estonia

07.08.2012, 10:09

Russian blogger Maksim Jefimov who is facing a two-year sentence for his blog posts in which he criticized the Russian Orthodox Church has applied for a political asylum I Estonia, writes Delfi with reference to Russian news agency Interfax.

According to human rights organization Agora, Russian prosecutors are preparing charges for Jefimov’s writings targeted against the Russian Church and he has contact the Estonian police and border guard service for temporary political asylum.

Agora reported that Estonian authorities have already registered Jefimov as an asylum seeker.

This spring Russian prosecutors initiated a criminal investigation about blogs posted by Jefimov.

If found guilty for disseminating hatred and disparaging religious minorities, he could be sentenced to prison for up to two years.

Estonian authorities have so far refused to comment the news about Jefimov’s asylum request.

The Estonian police and border guard authority said that international treaties prohibit   it to disclose sensitive information about individual asylum applicants in public.