Aon Hewitt helps pick Lithuania's best employers

29.01.2013, 16:18

Six Lithuanian companies have been awarded 'Best Employer' titles in a study by Aon Hewitt, a US-based HR management consultancy, that for the first time brought its study to Lithuania, reports news2biz LITHUANIA.

The study, carried out by Aon Hewitt's Lithuanian partner OVC Consulting, assessed companies in terms of their attractiveness to employees and ability to create a pro-fessional environment that encourages employees to actively engage in realising set goals.

21 companies were assessed from a variety of sectors (manufacturing, IT, telecom, finance, pharmaceuticals, trade). All six winners are foreign-capital companies: Lietuvos draudimas (insurance), Tele2 (telecom), Adform Group (IT), Philip Morris Baltic (tobacco), Sanofi-Aventis Lietuva and Roche Lietuva (both pharma).

In what way exactly these best employers differed from other study participants? In terms of additional benefits for employers, human focus, internal organisational reputation, as well as remuneration – by up to 30%, according to OVC Consulting.

However, even within an organisation, views held by executives and regular employees on different aspects differed: 78% of executives regarded employees as an asset for the organisation but only 49% of employers could confirm such a view.

Executives were also more optimistic about acknowledgement and reasonable remuneration of employee effort: 93% believed so but only 73% of employees said their effort was fairly rewarded.