Businessman urges universities to start teaching mobile gaming

30.01.2013, 09:47

26-year-old Estonian entrepreneur Vladimir Funtikov whose company Creative Mobile has developed several world-famous mobile games says that Estonia should quickly start teaching mobile gaming in universities and has offered to help teach students mobile gaming in one of Estonian universities, writes Äripäev.

Funtikov says that mobile gaming has become a global market and there are several schools in Holland, for instance, that teach mobile gaming.

“We are negotiating with one of Estonia’s higher education establishments and hopefully we will come to an agreement. We have offered that our professionals could teach mobile gaming classes in exchange of being able to recruit new employees once the students graduate,” said Funtikov who himself studied IT in Tallinn University of Technology.

At present Creative Mobile employs about 60 people, but it needs to recruit workers from Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine.

This is also one reason why the working languages in Creative Mobile are English and Russian.

Creative Mobile that was founded only in 2010 is estimated to be worth between EUR 50m and 70m. The company’s head office is in Tallinn, and it has people also in St. Petersburg, London and US.

The company has in two years created about 10 games for mobile phones. In a single day, between 1.5m and 1.7m people play one of the games developed by Creative Mobile. Of them, 40% are in US and another 40% in Asia.

Creative Mobile said that its profit in the first half of 2012 was EUR 3.4m at revenue of 4.2m. The company has not yet reported its full-year results.