Estonia suspends Youtube campaign targeted at Russian tourists

25.11.2013, 12:32

Enterprise Estonia has suspended the promotion campaign aimed at Russian tourists which featured singing Matrjoshkas and carried the slogan „A holiday in Estonia for you and your 75 friends,” writes Äripäev.

Only yesterday Äripäev’s Best Marketing website reported about the new promotion campaign at commissioned by Enterprise Estonia that was available on Youtube and included videoclips.

Several advertising executives in Estonia have criticised the campaign, saying that videoclips showing Matrjoshkas who drink and have fun in a hotel room, etc. seem to promote Estonia as a destination for sex tourism.

"I cannot understand what is the message of such clips as Spa and City. Perhaps there is no message? I did not even find them funny. In my opinion, Spa is silly and City could be even insulting. Or do you find it funny when a Matrjoshka is hit face first to a bus door?" says Veronika Pekurina, project manager at Der Tank.

She added that while the video are targeted at a younger audience, most Russian tourists are aged 25 to 50, are well-off and travel with friends or family. "I am sure that they would find such advertising insulting," she added.

Commenting the decision, Jürg Samel from the marketing and communication department of Enterprise Estonia, told Äripäev that the agency had decided to suspend the campaign temporarily to check whether the initial presumptions, the criticism made about the campaign was constructive and whether there should be adjustments made in the message.

Samel said that the campaign in question was a web campaign that leaves the creative team more freedom than, for instance, a more formal TV campaign.

„Considering the campaign’s target group, ie young and brave, we decided for a less conservative solution,” explained Samel.