Municipalities losing residents, income to City of Tallinn

23.12.2013, 11:53

Local governments located around Tallinn are suffering because more residents decide to register as residents of Tallinn in order to use the benefits such as free public transport, writes Postimees.

While Tallinn had 393,232 residents in 31 December 2011, it now has over 430,000 people in its register.

At the same time, Harku municipality just outside Tallinn, saw its number of residents fall from 14,181 to 12,981 over the same period.

Even the wealthy Viimsi municipalty has seen a decline in residents, from 18,534 to 17,834.

The same goes for Maardu city, Jõelähtme, Rae, Kiili, Saku, Saue and Keila municipalities.

“This is unfair and not good, but people go where they find it better,” says Arno Hirtentreu, chairman of the municipal council of Harku.