Norwegian group acquires wood pellets plant in Lithuania

19.02.2013, 13:01

Norwegian Byggleverandørene that specialises in Lithuanian investments, has added a wood pellets plant to its portfolio, writes news2biz LITHUANIA.

"It is a new plant, built from scratch in Mazeikiai in northern Lithuania last autumn. We have a capacity for 20,000 tonnes per year although it is now operating at around 70% due to some start-up glitches," says Morten Kroslid, head of Byggleverandørene, to news2biz.

The Biowood Nordic plant cost LTL 4m to build. This includes nearly LTL 2m of EU and government aid received under the scheme supporting migration of farming companies towards non-farming activities.

"We would like to export to Scandinavia as much as possible because prices are much better there than in Lithuania but currently the export level is at 60%, which also includes Italy. Next year we plan to push it to 80%," Kroslid says.

Being located in Mazeikiai, Biowood Nordic benefits from close proximity to as many as three Baltic ports (Klaipeda, Ventspils, Riga) through which it ships the pellets. Wood for pellets is sourced from surrounding areas. The 5,000 sq.m plant employs a staff of 18..