Swedish manufacturer expands Viljandi unit

19.02.2013, 16:03

Swedish Sveba-Dahlén, the leading supplier of bakery equipment in the Nordics, is expanding its Estonian daughter company, Sveba-Dahlén OÜ, in Viljandi in Southern Estonia. The plant has up to 70 staff, writes news2biz.

"We have split production there so part of it has been moved to our headquarters in Fristad whereas the rest has been moved to Viljandi," explains Sveba-Dahlén's CEO Anders Rietz to news2biz.

The part that has been moved to Viljandi concerns resting cabinets and bowl hoisters.

"We are expanding in general in Viljandi, but moving this production has certainly added employees. We try to standardise our lines as much as possible because dough goes through a rather fixed process that includes mixing, resting and baking, but we have to consider that we have supply clients that need individual solutions that match their particular products and premises," says Rietz.

Sveba-Dahlén expects to save SEK 5-6m annually by concentrating production on its two remaining units in Fristad and Viljandi. The company turns over SEK 500m annually and has approximately 300 staff. Since 2011 the company is 70% owned by Swedish private equity investor Litorina.