Centre Party to protest against high electricity prices in Tartu

20.02.2013, 16:38

Estonia’s main opposition party Centre Party is going to hold a public rally against high electricity prices in Estonia’s second largest town in Tartu tomorrow, February 21. The rally will be held in the Town Hall Square in Tartu.

Silver Kuusik, one of the organizers of the rally and opposition member of the Tartu City Council, said that residents in Tartu do not plan to remain quiet while they are being unfairly strangled by high utility costs.

“These costs must be put under control because otherwise thousands of families would find it difficult to pay their bills,” said Kuusik.

In Tallinn, Centre Party held a similar demonstration against higher electricity on Monday that drew about 500 participants.
The rally was held outside the Economic Affairs Ministry building and its main goal, according to the opposition party, was to show that "Estonians don't intend to just forget about the rise in the price of electricity."

Demands for the resignation of Economic Affairs Minister Juhan Parts could be seen and heard from the public - mainly older people - at the rally.

By the time of the demonstration, a slogan demanding the resignation of Parts was hanged out from the windows of a building opposite the ministry building that houses the Tallinn municipal environmental authority.

The rally culminated in a bit of street theater entitled "Angry Parts" where a young man manipulated a Juhan Parts puppet on stage.