Deputy Mayor: Tallinn streets may never be fully repaired

20.02.2013, 10:36

Tallinn Deputy Mayor Kalle Klandorf says that he cannot promise that all potholes in Tallinn streets will be liquidated, but promised that the situation will improve significantly by May 15.

“This year the streets are in a particularly bad condition in comparison with 2012 and 2011,” Klandorf said in an interview in Ringvaade, adding that one reason was the warn temperatures at the start of January which started the erosion process.

“Streets continue to fall into disrepair and the number of potholes is increasing,” said Klandorf.

He said that the City has already spent more than 300,000 euros on street repair.

According to the official, paving works will be started in mid-April because of temperature requirements.

He estimated that it would take EUR 98m to repair all streets in Tallinn.

“We simply don’t have that kind of money. We also need to consider whether to continue development of mayor traffic junctions or repair streets. The next year we plan to focus more on street-repair,” he added.

Klandorf said that it was typical for all Estonian towns and not only Tallinn that the streets are in bad condition.