Estonians question Schibsted's latest acquisition in Latvia

20.02.2013, 15:12

The Estonian weekly Eesti Ekspress has questioned the recent sale of Latvian entertainment portal to the Latvian news portal TVNet, itself owned by the Norwegian media group Schibsted, writes news2biz LATVIA in its latest issue.

Schibsted also owns the Postimees daily and Kanal 2 TV channel in Estonia, and Eesti Ekspress notes the stark difference in the material published in all three outlets.

Unlike Postimees, Kanal 2 or TVNet, derives its content from user submissions. Due to lax editorial policies, at times has published what Eesti Ekspress describes as "particularly foul material", such as shock pictures of traffic accident victims, disfigured beauty surgery patients and inmates of Buchenwald concentration camp.

The website does little to verify the age of its visitors, and Eesti Ekspress notes that the distribution of the content to minors could be a punishable offence.

It should be noted, though, that the questionable pictures do not make up the majority of content as the Eesti Ekspress article seems to suggest.

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