39% of Latvians expect property prices to go up in 2013

06.02.2013, 14:26

According to the latest issue of SEB Housing Price Indicator, 39% of all Latvians expect housing prices to go up in 2013, reports news2biz LATVIA.

A much smaller amount, just 13%, believes that the prices will fall, and a further 30% believe that they will not change (the rest had no opinion on the issue.)

The indicator reached its highest mark in November 2014, when 41% of all Latvians expected that the housing prices will go up.

SEB also carries out the same research in Lithuania, and Latvia's southern neighbours are much more conservative in their estimates: 27% believe that the prices will rise, 22% expect a drop and 40% expect no change.

SEB explains the discrepancy with increased Latvian economic growth and more improvement in people's finances.