Production accident rocks Olainfarm

24.04.2013, 09:49

On 17 April, Latvia's second-largest pharmaceutical manufacturer Olainfarm had an accident in its Olaine production plant: one of its chemical reactors in its nitrofurantoine production unit exploded, reported news2biz LATVIA, sister publication of BBN.

The explosion has damaged the facility, and two people were brought to hospital with several injuries, but the accident has been a relatively minor one. There has been no environmental pollution, and the rest of the plant can proceed with its usual business. Olainfarm has launched an investigation.

"The main concern right now is the health of our people; one is in hospital with several broken bones, and another has received several burns," says Salvis Lapins, board member of Olainfarm.

"Later, we found out that there was also the third injured worker; he had received several cuts from flying glass, but paramedics treated him on the spot. As to the factory, the damages are minimal. Chemical manufacturing plants are built so that the shockwave from a possible explosion is directed towards windows, not structural elements. This is exactly what happened; about 20m of windows were smashed, but the construction elements themselves are intact. The financial loss is the reactor, some infrastructure around it and the windows. It was all insured, so losses to the company are minimal."