Less than 10% of Estonian government pledges fulfilled in four years

02.09.2013, 14:39

Four years since the current government took office, only 61 of the 539 pledges written into the coalition agreement have been fulfilled, according to an independent watchdog website.

Valitsemise Valvurid (Government Guards), a project launched in January by ERR, the Praxis policy think tank and the Open Estonia Foundation, lists and tracks progress on each of the pledges, which together constitute the government's program for the 2011 to 2015 period.

According to the pool of experts who assess the progress, 61 pledges have been fulfilled, 333 are in progress and 26 have not been started.

A number of pledges are been postponed or changed. Some have been listed as too general to be measurable and some have not been evaluated.

According to the monitors, the government made 56 pledges in the field of energy and environment. Of them, 8 have been completed and 31 are in progress including Estlink 2 and gas network unbundling.

Among 44 activities in field of economy and enterprise, 20 are in progress and include launching a separate programme for attracting Asian capital and tourists to Estonia. 9 promises have been completed so far.

In the field of agriculture, the government made 20 pledges, 2 of which have been completed. Of 17 activities in progress, the government has promised to ensure that since the next budgeting period, Estonian farmers will have similar terms as other EU producers.

In the field of labour market, the government has made 15 activities, 12 of which are in progress. Only one pledge has been fulfilled – analysis of current impact of the law on employment contract.