Police may liquidate notorious taxi stop in Old Town

30.01.2014, 13:52

Police are considering whether to liquidate the taxi stop near the nightclub Hollywood at the corner of Suur-Karja in Tallinn Old Town because of a large number of conflicts between competing taxi companies fighting for customers, reported ERR.

Tallink Takso, a taxi company owned by Tallink, has filed seven complaints this month alone.

Alger Holzmann, board member of Tallink Takso, says that, for instance, two men sit in a Tallink Takso at Suur-Karja and give a suburb address. Then they start chatting to the driver, saying that they recommend not to stop there any more. “They then vandalize the car, for instance by cutting up the back seat with a knife, or puncture tires, and make threats made against drivers and their families by competitors,” said Holzmann.

Tallink Takso points its finger at one competitor, taxi company Global. The company’s CEO Juri Pjatnitski, however, refuses to comment saying that he knows nothing of this and has not been contact by the police.

When interviewed by ERR, no taxi driver working for Global claimed to have seen or known anything.

The two official spots in the taxi stop seem to be reserved for Global because no  other taxi is allowed to stay there.

The police are now considering whether to liquidate the taxi stop altogether or expand taxi stops in the vicinity.