Foreigners account for fifth of real estate transactions in Tallinn

11.02.2014, 10:54

Last year, one in every fifth real estate transaction in Tallinn was made by a foreigner, reported ERR.

During the year, foreigners made 2,331 real estate transactions in 2013 that is slightly more than a year earlier, according to a survey of 1Partner Kinnisvara.

The biggest growth in the number of transactions involving foreigners was made in Haabersti.
According to Christian Ayrer who handles Finnish customers in 1Partner Kinnisvara, most of the transactions were made by Finns and Russians.
„Generally, it was a good year and the interest of Finns is growing who are searching Tallinn apartments for subletting. There is clearly lack of suitable apartment space at present,” he added.
All in all, there were 11,237 transactions with real estate in Tallinn last year