Ülemiste City to become Tallinn’s most modern district in 10 years

12.02.2014, 13:09

The new architectural solution of Ülemiste City aims to develop not only new commercial and office buildings in the area, but also apartment buildings, a sports complex, a culture centre, parks, cafes, etc., reported Äripäev..

„Ülemiste City will become a fully functional and modern city district in the next ten years,“ said Gert Jostov, Chairman of the Management Board of Technopolis Ülemiste AS. „While our main objective is to continue developing an international and knowledge-based working environment, we see it not only as an area for new office and commercial buildings, but also attractive residential, communication and leisure area that would attract people to the campus 24 hours a day and inspire the development of new business models. In the future, Ülemiste City will accommodate ca 15,000 employees and 5,000 residents.“

„Ülemiste City is becoming an integrated and well-planned urban environment, something that has not been developed in Estonia for decades,“ said Toomas Aak, chairman of Mainor Ülemiste AS. „In addition to the logical and convenient location of buildings and infrastructure, the new solution is also environmentally friendly. This is reflected in the use of modern and ecological technologies, and also in the appearance of the campus. In the future, Ülemiste City will have a pedestrian zone with parking either in the surrounding areas or in underground parking lots that are all part of the Smart City concept of Ülemiste City.“

All in all, it is planned to develop in the Ülemiste City ca 200 000 m² of office space (of which 65 000 m² is already complete), 125 000 m² of residential space and 125 800 m² of parking space for more than 5,000 cars. In addition, various public establishments will also be developed including a sports complex, a culture centre and a cinema, catering facilities, fitness centres, etc. The campus already has schools and kindergartens.

„Ülemiste City definitely has the potential to become major attraction, thanks to the proximity of the airport, the planned tram line to the city centre and to the passenger port, and the location of the planned rail terminal,“ noted Endrik Mänd, chief architect of Tallinn. „I am glad that it was decided to organize an architectural competition for developing an integrated vision of urban space and planning its further development.“

„At present Technopolis manages 20 business campuses in Scandinavia, Baltic states and Russia, but Ülemiste City is totally unique among them. Never before have we been merging office and public space in such volumes,“ noted Martin Seppälä, representative of Technopolis Plc. „One success factor for this project is clearly the excellent location of Ülemiste City – the campus is located in the vicinity of Tallinn Airport, a rail terminal and large traffic arteries, only 10 minutes by car from the city centre and passenger port. For us, it was kind of a pilot project for testing whether such a model of a campus could be tried also elsewhere.“

The international architectural competition held in the second half of 2013 for developing  an architectural solution for Ülemiste City was won by Scandinavian architectural bureau Tengbom Eriksson Architects Ltd.

Ülemiste City is a modern city district developed on the territory of the former Dvigatel factory and located close  to Tallinn Airport. By now, ca 65 000 m² of modern office space and well-functioning business structure have been developed on the 35-hectare property. The campus also has ca 120 000 m² of industrial and storage space. More than 200 companies operate in Ülemiste City, with a total of ca 6,000 employees. Ülemiste City district is being developed by Technopolis Ülemiste AS and Mainor Ülemiste AS.