Over 95% of taxpayers in Estonia filed tax returns electronically

10.04.2014, 11:07

95.4% of taxpayers in Estonia filed their tax returns electronically, an increase of 0.4% year on year, spokespeople for the Estonian Tax and Customs Board said.

All in all,

tax returns for 2013 were filed by a total of

629,715 Estonian taxpayers.

Total number of people filing tax returns fell by 8,533 people in a year.

A total of 35,057 self-employed persons had to file their tax returns and 32,056 did it on time,


round EUR 92 million in excess personal income tax is to be returned which is 6 million euros less than last year.

The sum total of tax that has to be additionally paid is 22.1 million euros and it is about the same amount as last year.