Estonia's labor costs among the lowest in EU

23.04.2014, 10:25

Average labor costs in Estonia were 9 euros per person per hour in 2013, up from 8.4 euros in 2012, according to Statistics Estonia.

In member states of the European Union a more than tenfold difference was recorded in hourly labor costs last year, from 3.7 euros in Bulgaria to

The highest average labour costs were in Sweden at 40.1 euros, while the average for the EU28 was 23.7 euros.

Sweden was followed by Denmark with 38.4 euros per person per hour and Belgium with 38 euros.

Estonia posted the EU's fastest growth in average hourly labor costs per person in the final quarter of the year at 7.2 percent. In Latvia the annual rate of increase was 5.9 percent, in Lithuania 5.7 percent, in Bulgaria 4.3 percent and in Poland 3.9 percent.